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What we do

truly social gaming

Today most people are online all the time. Yet, instead of bringing people together, mobile apps often isolate their users and lock their gaze on their own screens. Actually, even “social games” do not lead to new contacts in real life.

We see technology as a tool that should empower people to connect with what surrounds them in real life. With our apps and mobile games, we foster real interactions and new relationships between people all over the world.

truly fair economy

Many companies generate their profit with large communities of users. Yet, all the profit is mostly shared among their shareholders. We think that’s not a fair economy at all. 

We believe in a fair economic system where everyone can win: The „Profit-Sharing Economy“, where everyone who participates in creating value gets a fair share! For example: Our funders. Our workers. Our customers. Our partners. Our planet.

truly new work

For a long time, working places were just places to work at. Yet, fulfilling a fixed role, from 8am to 5pm, is not what human nature is about. Instead, people are defined by individual skills, interests, and dreams.

We see work as a pivotal part of life. Within our company, we want you to play the role of your life and live up to your full potential. No narrow-minded roles. No hard-coded workflows. No fixed working hours. Just you, us, and the future we want to shape together.

>> ourproject

Scoutside: The world’s 1st GPS-based social game

Bored of playing alone? Scoutside is meant to break the ice between mobile gamers: Meet amazing people in order to loot, trade and craft together in the real world!
Have a look at our reveal trailer and stay tuned. 


>> ourapproach

How we do it

We are working on novel and scalable solutions that lead to beneficial social changes in our everyday life. Therefore, we develop apps, games, and business models. In doing so, we follow an innovation-driven bottom-up approach: Every single person at vividchain can become a visionary, a dreamer, a designer, a gamechanger.



We believe that diversity, open-mindedness and creativity are the drivers of adaption and innovation. Thus, we build and grow our team by bringing together talented and ambitious people of different disciplines from all over the world. In small teams, we develop prototypes, evaluate ideas and empower each other to push the boundaries far beyond the current state.


Who we are

We are communication designers, free artists, game designers, app developers, software engineers, technical artists, change managers, strategists and much more. Interdisciplinary work, disruptive ideas, and continuous change are something natural to us.

>> ourteam

Meet the team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer



Florian Wolf


Kateryna Pinchuk

UI/UX Intern














Chief Operating Officer

Thien-Van To




Who we are looking for

We are not scouting for “great CVs”, academic titles or top tier namedroppers.
We are mostly searching for people that share our vision and have something significant to contribute.

>> yourjob

Who you are

We are totally looking for curious talents who find interest in making innovative apps and games that try to shape the future of society.

Just show us that you are:


You don’t think just outside the box - you think outside geometry.


You believe in real innovation - and want to empower yourself to achieve it.



You like changing perspectives - more than arguing why yours is the best.


You are looking for a place to grow at - not just some place to stay at.


You are excited about what you have read so far and want to know more.


If there is some inner voice that shouted „Yes“, then we should get to know you!

>> yourcareer

Our current vacancies

The goal of Vividchain is to create apps and games that have a positive impact on society. In particular, we want to let our users connect with the real world around them, eg. to get to know other users in real life. In 2019, vividchain will launch “Scoutside”: The first geolocation-based social game that actually enables for real social activities.

Imagine if Pokémon Go players and alike would not just walk to the same Points of Interests, but also would like to actively collaborate with other players, eg. to talk each other and to trade ingame resources. We want mobile games to become possible entry points for social interactions (instead of being spaces that isolate people and lock their gaze at the screen). Right now, we conduct first user tests and focus on making “Scoutside” a unique experience that – better than incumbents – accompanies the player on his/her daily travel routes. 

Our team is currently complete. Please check back again at another time.

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