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What we do

truly social gaming

Today most people are online all the time. Yet, instead of bringing people together, mobile apps often isolate their users and lock their gaze on their own screens. Actually, even „social games“ do not lead to new contacts in real life.

We see technology as a tool that should empower people to connect with what surrounds them in real life. With our apps and mobile games, we foster real interactions and new relationships between people all over the world.

truly fair economy

Many companies generate their profit with large communities of users. Yet, all the profit is mostly shared among their shareholders. We think that’s not a fair economy at all.

We believe in a fair economic system where everyone can win: The „Profit-Sharing Economy“, where everyone who participates in creating value gets a fair share! For example: Our funders. Our workers. Our customers. Our partners. Our planet.

truly new work

For a long time, working places were just places to work at. Yet, fulfilling a fixed role, from 8am to 5pm, is not what human nature is about. Instead, people are defined by individual skills, interests, and dreams.

We see work as a pivotal part of life. Within our company, we want you to play the role of your life and live up to your full potential. No narrow-minded roles. No hard-coded workflows. No fixed working hours. Just you, us, and the future we want to shape together.

>> ourapproach

How we do it

We are working on novel and scalable solutions that lead to beneficial social changes in our everyday life. Therefore, we develop apps, games, and business models. In doing so, we follow an innovation-driven bottom-up approach: Every single person at vividchain can become a visionary, a dreamer, a designer, a gamechanger.



We believe that diversity, open-mindedness and creativity are the drivers of adaption and innovation. Thus, we build and grow our team by bringing together talented and ambitious people of different disciplines from all over the world. In small teams, we develop prototypes, evaluate ideas and empower each other to push the boundaries far beyond the current state.


Who we are

We are communication designers, free artists, game designers, app developers, software engineers, technical artists, change managers, strategists and much more. Interdisciplinary work, disruptive ideas, and continuous change are something natural to us.

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Meet the team


Chief Executive Officer






Chief Technology Officer














Head Of Studio




Chief Operating Officer







Who we are looking for

We are not scouting for „great CVs“, academic titles or top tier namedroppers.
We are mostly searching for people that share our vision and have something significant to contribute.

>> yourjob

Who you are

We are totally looking for curious talents who find interest in making innovative apps and games that try to shape the future of society.

Just show us that you are:


You don’t think just outside the box - you think outside geometry.


You believe in real innovation - and want to empower yourself to achieve it.



You like changing perspectives - more than arguing why yours is the best.


You are looking for a place to grow at - not just some place to stay at.


You are excited about what you have read so far and want to know more.


If there is some inner voice that shouted „Yes“, then we should get to know you!

>> yourcareer

Our current vacancies

Mention that currently, for our studio in Berlin, we are recruiting in German, only. The internationalization of our staff will take place throughout 2019. Stay tuned!

Backend Developer (w/m)

Um aktiv bei der Fertigstellung und Weiterentwicklung unseres aktuellen Spiels mitzuwirken sowie das IT-Team der Unternehmensgruppe langfristig zu verstärken, suchen wir aktuell eine/einen

Backend Developer (w/m)

Bei unserem aktuellen Projekt handelt es sich um ein standort-basiertes Mobile Game, welches vor allem unterwegs gespielt wird. Unsere Innovation: Am besten spielt sich das Spiel gemeinsam mit anderen. Wer sich mit Freunden oder Fremden zusammentut, kommt schneller voran und lernt nebenbei spielerisch neue Leute kennen.


Dein Job

  • Hauptverantwortung über skalierbare Backend-Lösungen sowie deren Administration
  • Stark performanz- und speicheroptimiertes Handling von Datenbankzugriffen und Backend-Berechnungen
  • Viele weitere spannende Aufgaben, die Deinem individuellen Interessens- und Kompetenzprofil entsprechen


Was wir bieten

  • Direkte Mitarbeit am aktuellen Spielprojekt auf Augenhöhe
  • Mitwirkung an vielen weiteren innovativen, disruptiven und gesellschaftsrelevanten Projekten in der Unternehmensgruppe resp. selbstbestimmte Weiterentwicklung
  • Deiner Rolle im Umfeld mehrerer spannender Startups
  • Freiheit, out-of-the-box zu denken und gänzlich neuartige Lösungswege zu erarbeiten
  • Hochgradig interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit mit Artists, Designern und Programmierern
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten


Was wir erwarten

  • Ansprechendes technisches Portfolio, welches insbesondere Deine Expertise bei der Erarbeitung und Wartung von komplexen Backend-Strukturen zeigt
  • Erfahrungen mit Backend-Plattformen, u.a. mit Firebase / Google Cloud Stack
  • Gute Kenntnisse in Go/Golang
  • Frische Denkweise und Mut zur Erarbeitung innovativer Lösungswege
  • Hohes Maß an Reflexivität und Eigenständigkeit
  • Freude an hochgradig kollaborativer, kreativer und iterativer Arbeit
  • Fähigkeit und Interesse, im Zuge des stetigen Wachstums der Unternehmensstrukturen höhere Verantwortung zu übernehmen
  • Erfahrung in der Leitung von Teams sowie DevOps-Erfahrungen sind von Vorteil


Gefällt Dir, was du liest?
Dann sollten wir dich kennenlernen!

Schreib uns einfach eine Bewerbung mit Anschreiben, Lebenslauf und Portfolio an jobs@vividchain.com

We are happy to hear from you! 

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