Play everywhere!

Ho fella scout, make your life an outdoor adventure, everyday!  

Discover and explore the unique world of Scoutside. Launch the game on your daily tours and collect cool items and hidden treasures everywhere you go!

Play as a scout!

Get yourself a camp, recruit!

All the cool stuff you loot will be pretty useful on your daily journey! Craft amazing tools, and build up your own camp from scratch! Light up your campfire in the real world and people will join your base.

Play with others!

Polish your badges and hang out with the world!

Gather around the campfire, rookie! Meet new friends at their camps, or on special scout events. Help out each other, trade your loot, fulfill missions, and have fun together. 

Out now!

Currently in early access. Be one of our first beta testers!

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Woody's best friend

"... you will never put this game down."

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litrally every camp supplier

“The feeling of this game is so in tents!”

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time traveler from 2020

“It’s worth coming back, just to loot the stuff again.”

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now a scoutsider with class

“Before downloading this game, I was the outsider in class.”

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former cookie clicker junkie

“Really good stuff!”

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time traveler from 2021

“I met all my IRL friends through Scoutside! 5/5 stars!!”

Q&A - You asked, we answered!

Your most beloved questions collected and answered wisely. Trivia with our best scout Woody!

Hello there lovely hooman. Don’t worry, you are safe here. Here, have this cookie 🍪

Scoutside is a totally new kind of GPS-based adventure game! Wherever you are in real life, you can comb through a parallel scout universe. Become a scout and find, loot, craft and trade cool items everywhere! You can also gather around with your friends and other players in the world, in order to build awesome camps together!

We don’t know either, but in fact, our beloved scout mascot gets tons of love letters every day. 

He is known by the name “Woody”, sometimes tends to be a bit clumsy and stumbles over things all the time (that’s why we gave him bandages as a birthday present). But, most important, he represents our game. He is our lord and savior of Scoutside, and we love him with all our heart.

Of course! Watch the trailer :3

If you like Pokemon Go, you will LOVE Scoutside!

Scoutside awaits you with even more versatile adventures on your daily routes: Connect with other scouts and build up camps together! There are hidden treasures everywhere, so watch your surroundings with careful eyes. Craft, upgrade and trade equipment with your friends! In Scoutside, you are not only a trainer, you are your own master.

HELL NAH. Privacy is our best friend. An even better one than Woody, actually. That’s not because we don’t love Woody, it’s just that we love privacy so much. (Oh, please don’t tell him..)

Oh, sure! Let’s see… Uhm, There must be a cookie on this website somewhere.

Ah, I’m sorry, I guess your browser ate it. 

We work hard to create the best game experience possible for our players. But quality takes some time. If all the cookies kick in rightly, our sugar rush will end up well by early 2020. 

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